Grand yellow gold scapular, set with white diamonds, adorned with an enameled dove and blue enamel.

This scapular is sold on a 51cm yellow gold chain.

  • 18K yellow gold

  • Gold weight : approx. 12grs

  • 26 Diamonds - 0.41ct

    Dimensions :

    Height : 34mm

    Width : 25.5mm

    Thickness : 3.5mm

Care Instructions


To prevent altering their beauty and longevity, we advise making sure that your jewelry does not come in contact with perfume, creams or any other cosmetic products that could damage the color and the natural aspect of materials such as enamel, precious stones, fine stones, etc. Therefore, we recommend that you wait for your perfume or other cosmetics to dry completely before wearing your jewelry.

We also do not recommend exposing your Marie Lichtenberg pieces to water (in the shower, the sea or the swimming pool) or to high temperatures (prolonged exposure to the sun). Furthermore, we recommend not wearing your jewelry during certain sporting activities, where it would be exposed to different products or subjected to damage.


In order to preserve the sparkle of your Marie Lichtenberg jewelry, we advise that you gently clean it with a soft, dry cloth.


We advise storing each piece of Marie Lichtenberg jewelry in its box, away from other pieces, to avoid damage and scratches. Chain should be laid flat to prevent knots from forming.